The Victorian semi-detached terraced house has been notched out and extended to the rear to create a generous kitchen, dining and living space with carefully placed glazed voids to link the interior with elements of the garden.  The extension has been expressed as a lightweight pavilion extruded out from the main house, linking heavier exposed masonry elements and extending into the garden as a canopy overhanging the patio

A pocket planter on the south facing side elevation is the first point of focus from the entrance hall; as you work your way through the house the view is opened up to the garden to the rear through large slimline sliding doors.  The two storey rear closet wing has been carved away on the ground floor leaving a pair of brick columns to frame the dining room and pocket courtyard garden. 

A concrete floor extends from inside to form an external patio area whilst light oak joinery to the kitchen and walls adds warmth and complements the exposed brickwork.