Platform 5 were commissioned to design a semi-permanent external café for the east end of the churchyard to the Grade I listed St Martin-in-the-Fields church.  In its first summer season, the café served over 15,000 customers and has animated a previously underused pocket of Central London

The kiosk design is conceived of as a simple portico structure with external faces finished in peened stainless steel to echo the materials used in the 2006 refurbishment. The interior of the unit is lined with a bright brass mesh that catches the varying light throughout the day, adding drama and interest to the open sides of the unit facing the square.

As the unit is self-contained it can simply be taken off-site during the winter months to comply with planning conditions.

...“we are delighted to see the launch of the Café in the Courtyard. Our customers love it – and we are pleased to see some of them returning several times during the week.”

Allyson Hargreaves, Business Operations Director at St Martin-in-the-Fields